Why Scottish folk should also be shouting to #KillTheBill?

Tomorrow, across England and Wales there is a national day of action to #KillTheBill. Among Scottish groups there has been a muted response to the new Police, Crime and Sentencing bill, which has been the subject of waves of protests across England and Wales. The Bill explicitly aims to restrict peaceful protest by giving moreContinue reading “Why Scottish folk should also be shouting to #KillTheBill?”

Pen Pal Project Starting Up for Scottish Prisoners

Glasgow Prisoner Solidarity, is a community-based group formed to offer non-judgmental support, solidarity and friendship to people in any prison in Scotland. It is launching a pen pal project matching up people inside and outside for monthly letters of mutual support. The project came together out of a shared sense that the prison system can isolate peopleContinue reading “Pen Pal Project Starting Up for Scottish Prisoners”

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