Pen Pal Project Starting Up for Scottish Prisoners

Glasgow Prisoner Solidarity, is a community-based group formed to offer non-judgmental support, solidarity and friendship to people in any prison in Scotland. It is launching a pen pal project matching up people inside and outside for monthly letters of mutual support. The project came together out of a shared sense that the prison system can isolate people and cause harm, and a desire to do something to fight this. One member of the group said: “We have no agenda beyond offering support, keeping people connected to what’s happening in the world, and learning how people are getting on inside.” 

GPS is open to new pen pals, and encourages anyone inside who is interested in learning more and potentially in being matched up to write to this address: GPS Pen Pals, c/o Category Is Books, 34 Allison St, Glasgow G42 8NN. Include your name, address and prisoner number. 

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