New GPS fundraiser!

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We are raising money to buy these basic practical things, to post them in and to be able to help financially when needed. We’d like to help more people and more money means we can reach out to more people. We’ve made friends and been in touch with some amazing people that have survived a whole lot. Here’s a couple of quotes that some of the people we’ve supported wanted to share with you:

“While my support is limited I’m still very lucky in the support I have with my friends and family but throughout my time I’ve seen girls who are either doing a long time or are in and out and don’t have anyone. No-one to visit or even write a wee letter, no-one to talk to apart from the person in the next cell. Being in here can be very lonely, more so if you’ve got nothing to look forward to, nothing to say someone’s thinking of you. For me, having support is what’s got me through my sentence which has at times been pretty dark” L. (inmate in a Scottish prison)

“One of the girls told me about a group of people who support people in prison and I got cards from some of them and some leggings and jeans (which are desperately needed) also I got letters and I can’t tell you how much this means to me! It makes me feel like there really are people out there who care, who care enough to think of us.

I don’t have any family or friends who are able to help me so any help I can get I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for it…” K. (inmate in a Scottish prison)

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